Off Grid Renegade

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Screw The Joneses.

True story:

I walk into a retail store at the mall:

Sales kid (SK) wearing a “rock the vote” shirt walks up to me with a clipboard: “Have you registered to vote yet?”

Me: “No”

SK: “Oh well, do it now!”

Me: “No thanks”

SK: “But you should.”

Me: “Why’s that?”

SK (with a bit of hesitation): “Because…it’s your job. You live here. Whoever gets the vote runs our country (state, city, community, etc.)”

Me: “Because it’s my job? What if my job is to educate myself? To proactively go out and research and study the things I think are important to this country every single day. The things that will affect my grandchildren. What if I were to disagree with both parties. What if I’m neither democrat or republican? What if I don’t agree with the system overall…let alone the popular candidates? I need to vote because it’s my job? I vote every day - multiple times a day. I vote with my dollar. I vote when I buy clothes, what I eat, how I educate my children, and who I talk to. I may not be marking a name on some ballot but make damn sure, I vote. “

The truth is I’m not going to change your mind, convince you. You’re either going to believe or you’re not. So I’m just going to continue living my life according to plan and hope that one day you become ready. Ready to listen. Ready to open your mind. Ready to lead by example as I have done. Whatever your cause.

The right way is never the easy way.

Work hard. Read a lot. Be good to people. Lead by example. (The last one isn’t necessary as long as you do the first three.  If you do those the last one comes naturally.)